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Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City

Decmber 22-23, 2008

Admission: Php. 300.00

Good Digital Camera Important Factors

Whatever your level of expertise, one of the least important factors in your purchasing decision is a digital camera’s pixel count. In fact more pixels can even hurt your pictures.

Having just two megapixels would be perfectly adequate for printing standard 6x4-inch photos. That’s the same resolution as a FullHD TV.

Five to six megapixels is more than enough for almost any purpose. Even poster prints will look good at this resolution – remember, the bigger the photo, the further back you will be to look at it.

But the worst part of the Megapixel Myth is how it distracts from more important factors.

See the light

If there is just one question to keep in mind, it is: How much light can this camera capture?

More light, not more pixels, makes a better picture, so shift your ‘bigger is better’ attention away from pixel count and toward the key light capture components — the lens and the sensor.

It’s easy to inspect a camera’s lens. The more glass, the bigger the lens, the more light can get through the gate and onto the digital sensor. The size of a lens is a very important trade-off when choosing between convenience and picture quality.

In broad daylight most cameras are going to get the light they need, but as the light goes down a compact lens will always struggle compared with larger cameras. The sensor is where your light is being recorded, and just like the lens it is size that really matters.

Unfortunately the numbers are terribly confusing, hidden in specification sheets and largely offered only as fractions of inches. Once you dig them up, you will find you are often comparing numbers like 1/2.5 and 1/2.3-inch in small compacts, and 1/1.7 and 1/1.63-inch in mid-size compacts.

Bigger is better, and as more megapixels have been added to these same-sized sensors, it actually means each pixel has become ever smaller.

Let’s make up a statistic. Research shows that 95 per cent of camera buyers believe the more megapixels, the better the camera. However inaccurate this percentage may be, it holds as much truth as this belief in the "Megapixel Myth".

Big megapixel numbers are not a basis for choosing a good digital camera. Here are what should be your real deciding factors.

Wireless Internet Users Goes Up

WIRELESS internet connections have nearly doubled in six months, with more than ten per cent of Australians using them to go online.

Figures have revealed that 14 per cent of Australians who have internet connections are using wireless services to surf, email and download.

In the first six months of 2008, wireless internet connections jumped from 433,000 to 809,000.

The overall speed of internet connections has also risen in the last year.

The number of connections with download speeds of 1.5 megabits per second or more increased from 36 per cent in 2007 to 43 per cent in June.

On a 1.5 megabit per second connection, downloading a song would take about 20 seconds.

About 22 per cent of Australians are on a connection with speeds of less than 256 kilobits per second.

The figures, compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, also revealed that broadband subscriptions accounted for the vast majority of internet connections.

"As at June 2008, Australia had a total of 7.2 million active internet subscribers," the ABS said.

"Just under 80 per cent of these subscribers had broadband connections."
But while broadband speeds have improved for many Australians, one in five are still in the slowest category of connections.

Installation of Mobile Phone Masts

There are many examples of the failure to use the precautionary principle in the past, which have resulted in serious and often irreversible damage to health and environments. Appropriate, precautionary and proportionate actions taken now (e.g. children using mobile phones, WiFi, ICNIRP Guidelines revision or installation of mobile masts on residential properties revision)to avoid plausible and potentially serious threats to health from EMF are likely to be seen as prudent and wise from future perspectives. We must remember that precaution is one of the principles of environmental policy.

Wow Magic Sing - Small but Terrible

Wow Magic Sing offers wide collection of song chips that contains hundreds to even thousands of songs, oldies and modern in different genres and languages. Your screen will also be filled with the most beautiful scenic spots and background where the lyrics are placed. With enormous features and unparalleled functionality, the Wow magic sing is a sure winner for those who make singing as a hobby or profession.

You will surely say “wow” with this amazing singing equipment - the WOW magic sing karaoke mic. This fashionable microphone has redefined the term “entertainment” as it allows you to do your favorite hobby by just pressing the corresponding number of your preferred song piece. Portable and stylish, you can’t just leave this wonderful and exceptional singing piece behind in all events.

Kids Cellphones

Mobile phones are fast displacing landlines in many homes accompanying this movement is the fact kids regularly use and know how to use these cell phones. The mobility of cell phones means you can be anywhere and have the necessity, or should I say the convenience, of a phone.

Cellular service providers and manufacturers would enjoy nothing more than exploiting the vastly untapped tween market. However, is it necessary to provide cell phones to kids age 8-12? What makes it necessary today? Is the simple the notion of having the technology enough reason to equip younger and younger customers with phones? Where do we draw the line when it comes to tweens owning cell phones, and when should we be restricting use? The remainder of this article will discuss the pros and cons of purchasing cell phones for kids. It will discuss the social aspects, health concerns, and cost issues.

Health Issues:

The kid cell phone is designed to give the bare phone essentials. However, this phone is a candybar style, which means the antenna is located within the phone unit and does not protrude out. This means cellular frequencies are closer to the brain. The question now revolves around how early is too early for exposing kids to cellular frequencies on a regular basis? On one hand you don't want to risk your child's health, on the other hand scientific research is still inconclusive when it comes to cell phone 'radiation'. The juror is still out on this one, be your own judge regarding the health impacts.

There you have it, some helpful reminders to consider before going out and dropping a couple thousand of peso and an additional twenty per month, minimum, on a cell phone for junior. One certainly cannot downplay the safety benefits, you never know when it could save a life, however, at the same time, there are many con items to consider before sending buying a a cell phone for junior. One thing is for sure, the little handset device will never replace supervision from an adult when supervision is due.

BUGOY - Pano Na Kaya

Pano Na Kaya

Paano nga ba napasukan ang gusot na ito
'Di naman akalaing magbabago ang pagtingin sa 'yo ohh wooh
Mula nang makilala ka, umikot ang mundo ko
'Di na kayang ilhim at itago ang nararamdamang ito wooh...

Paano na kaya, 'di sinasadya
'Di kayang magtapat ang puso ko
Bakit sa dinami-rami ng kaibigan ko ikaw pa
Paano na kaya 'di sinasadya
Ba't nahihiya ang puso ko
Hirap nang umibig sa isang kaibigang
'Di masabi ang nararamdaman
Paano na kaya

Kung malaman ang damdamin at 'di mo tanggapin
'Di ko yata matitiis mawala ka
Kahit 'sang saglit man lang

Paano na kaya 'di sinasadya

'Di kayang magtapat ang puso ko
Bakit sa dinami-rami ng kaibigan ko ikaw pa
Paano na kaya, 'di sinasadya
Ba't nahihiya ang puso ko
Hirap nang umibig sa isang kaibigang
'di masabi ang nararamdaman
Paano na kaya

At kung magkataong ito'y malaman mo
Sana naman tanggapin mo ohh woohh
Bakit sa dinami-rami ng kaibigan ko ikaw pa

Paano na kaya' di sinasadya
Ba't nahihiya ang puso ko
Hirap nang umibig sa isang kaibigang
At baka hindi maintindihan
Paano na kaya

Speed Up SMART Broadband

Speed Up Ur SMARTBroadband

How to tweak your SMARTBro WiFi (Pano papabilisin ang internet connection niyo). Ito ay isang tutorial kung pano niyo mapapabilis ang SMARTBro connection niyo.

I will not be responsible for any damages or loss that you may havewhen following this guide. If your canopy gets broken, call customersupport and have it replaced[(make sure you do not tell them anythingabout the canopy tweaking then they would've refused your replacementrequest).

You should download cFosSpeed here before doing the things that are in the tutorial.

In order for you to tweak your connection, you must be able to access your canopy through html.
1. Go to Control Panel, select Network Connections, find your Smart Broadband connection (LAN or High-speed internet) and right click on it.

2. Click Properties, on the General tab, find the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and highlight it(usually at the bottom of the list). Click Properties.

3. Under the General tab, select Use the following IP address and enter the following data in their respective properties:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Then click OK.

4. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera) and input this address on the address bar:

If you cannot access your canopy software after following these steps, then your canopy MS is probably blocked.

When your in the canopy page already, go to the Configuration page and copy the attributes on the picture below.

save and reboot.

by the way, this only works for the Motorola Canopy

After tweaking your canopy settings,

1. Go to Control Panel, select Network Connections, find your Smart Broadband connection (LAN or High-speed internet) and right click on it.

2. Click Properties, on the General tab, find the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and highlight it(usually at the bottom of the list). Click Properties.

3. Under the General tab, select obtain an IP address automatrically and click OK. You should be seeing results after 2-3 days

Try nyo muna Kung Pwede kayong makapasok dito sa site na to :

pag ayaw, wag nyo muna try.. naka block yung canopy nyo pag ganyan....

Pinoy Fear Factor

Fear is definitely not a factor as 12 contestants face the challenges of Pinoy Fear Factor. Six men a Basketball hunk, The lover boy, Kargador sa pier, The funny Austrian, Chef, The promdi veterinarian and six women The glam goddess, The new Ms. Body Beautiful, The daredevil chick, Flawless Girl, Party Bombshell, Hot momma. These 12 challengers are set to leave by the end of August and they will stay in Argentina for a month. One will become the first winner & will take home the P2 million cash prize and a house and lot worth P2.5 million from Avida.The popular US reality program is the latest hit worldwide franchise by Endemol to be adapted for Philippine tv. The Philippines is the third country to use this format after South Africa and India. Pinoy Fear Factor will be shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina where the contestants will try to surpass several stunts and challenges. Who among them will conquer their greatest fears?

De la hoya vs. Pacquiao

When the most popular boxer in the world agrees to face the pound-for-pound best interest is certain to be high. So it comes as no surprise that the Dec. 6 showdown between Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao has generated lots of buzz.But the excitement level that has resulted from this highly anticipated bout could not have been foreseen.

At 35 years old, De La Hoya showed signs of slowing down during his unanimous decision win May 3 over diminutive Steve Forbes. That bout was fought at a catch-weight of 150 pounds. Forbes, a former IBF super featherweight champion, had never entered the ring that heavy.

But his elusive style and constant pressuring made it a relatively action-filled fight. And though Forbes lacks significant punching power, he left a few marks on De La Hoya's face.

Pacquiao (47-3-2, 35 KOs) has won eight in a row and has beaten some of the best fighters in the world - including Juan Manuel Marquez, who is ranked No. 3 on The Star-Ledger pound-for-pound list. But Pacquiao has never fought anyone as big or strong as De La Hoya.

Pacquiao's ability to carry the extra weight and take De La Hoya's punches will determine how well he performs. To have any chance of pulling off the upset will require Pacquiao make adjustment to his fighting style. He will have to become more boxer than puncher.

Early Age Can Help in Blood Donating

Generally, a blood donor must be at least 17 years old, be healthy, and weigh over 110 pounds. According to my research, a unit of blood is 1 pint (450 milliliters) and is mixed with chemicals (CPD) to prevent clotting.

Prior to donating blood in early age, the donor with at age 17 is given an information pamphlet to read. A health history of being teen is taken to ensure that the donor has not been exposed to diseases that can be transmitted by blood, and to determine if donating blood is safe for that person's own health. The donor’s temperature, pulse, blood pressure and weight are obtained. A few drops of blood are obtained to make sure the donor is not anemic. It usually takes less than 10 minutes for the blood to be removed once the needle has been placed. Sterile, single-use equipment is used so there is no danger of infection to the donor. Donors should drink extra fluids and avoid exercise that day. Blood can be donated every eight weeks.

Even at early age we can help a lot of people around us. Just imagine somebody wants you to help and somebody needs you too. We young people, blood is precious and important to us that can save lives in time of accident and unusual phenomenon especially in our country that is always prone to storms and bad weather.

Meaning of Flowers

Whatever its origin, the rose is undeniably the best-known symbol of beauty and love. It is common knowledge that red roses mean I love you. A dozen of them makes the ultimate statement, a tradition surely developed by those who measure value by quantity rather than quality.

Lesser-known nuances of meaning are attached to different colors and types of roses. If you're going to jump on the bandwagon and shell out the cash, you'd better get the definitions straight!

Red roses - I love you
White roses - you're heavenly
Red and white roses together
- unity.
Pink roses - grace and gentility
Yellow roses - joy.
White rose buds - you're too y
oung for love
Orange or coral roses - desire.
Burgundy roses - unconscious beauty
Sweetheart roses are for couples who like nicknames, as they mean darling, dear, or honey
A single rose signifies simplicity, a nice statement to make if your pockets are em

If you want to stray from tradition, or if "I love you" is not what comes to mind, maybe you want something other than the rose!

There's a slew of nice things to say with other flowers, and they're just as nice to receive. Several flowers pose as rose impostors: red chrysanthemums, tulips, and carnations still say I love you. The daisy will compliment your beauty, while the elegant cala lily tops that by celebrating your lover's splendid beauty (I would suggest the Vanilla version!). You can only send a lilac once since it goes to your first love. Gardenia is for the scared or the shy, since it expresses secret untold love. Violets express your affection. Mild or deep-rooted? The floral lexicon doesn't specify!

Some "not-so-nice" sentiments require a feistier petal, great for couples on the rocks. Mock her vanity by giving narcissus, the flower of self-love. Let him have it with a petunia, which expresses anger and resentment. It's okay when your honey flirts with you, but when it's with another, give a dandelion picked from the sidewalk. Make sure your marigold is where your mouth is — the large-flowered signify jealousy, while the small-flowered encourages your loved one to never despair. How can the sunflower, so beautiful, be so mean-spirited? Perhaps too much beauty brings on haughtiness and even false appearances. A striped carnation is flat-out refusal, but if that's the case, why send flowers at all?!!

There are flowers for more unusual tastes if that didn't cover it. For the hard-shell, soft-inside types, the cactus gives the surface impression of intimidation, but sends a deeper message of warmth. Give some wisteria to the suave gentleman you meet on the street to say welcome, fair stranger. For a mama's boy or girl, moss is a charming expression of maternal love. She'll love it, she has to — she's your mother.

Go ahead - show off your new flower vocabulary, but remember that knowledge is a double-edged sword. You are now equipped with the tools to decipher what your date really thinks of you. For instance, if you receive no flowers but are invited for a pasta dinner, you may be in trouble. Beware of pesto: basil, the cruelest of all flower words, means hatred.

Internet SEO Tools for FREE

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ColorZilla is very useful extension for designers. With ColorZilla you can get a color reading from any point in your browser, quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program. You can Zoom the page you are viewing and measure distances between any two points on the page. The built-in palette browser allows choosing colors from pre-defined color sets and saving the most used colors in custom palettes. DOM spying features allow getting various information about DOM elements quickly and easily. And there’s more…

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8. FoxLingo:

FoxLingo is the ultimate language Tool! Web Page Translation, Translated Search, Auto Translation, Text Translation, Language Resources, Learning Languages, etc. FoxLingo supports 45 languages of the world. FoxLingo uses 34 free online web page translator services.

How to Blog

Blogs get people excited. Or else they disturb and worry them. Some people distrust them. Others see them as the vanguard of a new information revolution. Because they allow and encourage ordinary people to speak up, they’re tremendous tools of freedom of expression.
Bloggers are often the only real journalists in countries where the mainstream media is censored or under pressure. Only they provide independent news, at the risk of displeasing the government and sometimes courting arrest.

Reporters Without Borders has produced this handbook to help them, with handy tips and technical advice on how to to remain anonymous and to get round censorship, by choosing the most suitable method for each situation. It also explains how to set up and make the most of a blog, to publicise it (getting it picked up efficiently by search-engines) and to establish its credibility through observing basic ethical and journalistic principles.

Eid'l Fitr of Muslims

Edi'l Fitr, This is a special holiday for the Muslims and this is like Christmas of the Christians. Muslims are very thankful because this day was a giving day for them to share of what blessing that they have received in the whole year.

This day was very important for them to reunite their family and friends. Like Christians and other religious groups they have their day for reunion, celebrating, festival of their own culture and other holiday for them.

They also prepare foods in their own and share it to other, as the last day feast day. This day is the day for them to help other and gives some gift to other Muslims, this they is the most special day of the year.

Melamine Contaminated Scandal Reminders

Melamine Contaminated Milk Products
Melamine, a chemical used in a number of commercial and industrial applications, is unsafe for human consumption. Melamine is not approved or permitted in food in Canada.

* Consumption of melamine may lead to reproductive damage, bladder or kidney stones, bladder cancer, acute kidney failure and death.

* The effects of melamine are directly related to consumption of products containing the chemical and cannot be spread between people. Currently melamine has been found in infant formula and has been possibly linked to other dairy products made in China.

Recommendations for travelers

Until further information is provided by the Chinese government, we recommend that you:

* do not use infant formula made in China
* avoid consuming milk products (e.g. yogurt, ice cream, custards) made in China or products with milk-derived ingredients made in China. Milk-derived ingredients include whole milk powder, non-fat milk powder, whey powder, lactose powder, and casein.

Monitor your health
If your child has consumed any infant formula made in China, the risk of ill effects is low. However, if you have concerns or your child has any unusual symptoms, consult your health care provider.

1. Inform your health care provider of your symptoms
2. Tell him/her, without being asked, where you have been and what, if any, treatment or medical care you have received while traveling (e.g., blood transfusions, injections, dental care, and surgery)

Don’t Forget ...
1. Consult a health care provider or visit a travel health clinic
* An appointment at least 6 weeks prior to international travel is idea
2. Learn what you can do to stay healthy when travelling
3. Know what vaccines to get and when to get them

Christmas Shopping Gifts

Christmas begins and do you know what do you want to do in this special holiday? Now Christmas is the time to think on to what gifts and special gifts do want to them. Shopping in christmas is one of the most busy thing that people are going to do. There are special christmas tips for Shopping and Buying gifts, things on own and other. Check this christmas tips when you are goin to buy gift for the Christmas day and New year day. With your love to your special someone you don't want them to be upset in christmas of the gift you will be giving to them. How can you give them a special with love and a non-expensive but elegant beautiful present in christmas?

There tips i will share to you in christms shopping and making a choice:

1. When? The best time for you to shop christmas is NOW. The earliest time to christmas shop your thing and gifts for Christmas is now. Don't waste your time in waiting what is the best gift for your love ones in christmas. The more places like malls and department stores, if there is a low number of christmas shoppers the more time for you to pick and to have many choices to pick the best or suited gift for your love one.

2. Where? The place where the best is what can your money can spend in christmas, the suited place is where the least number of christmas shoppers and the place where you think that you can save money for. One thing you must have to consider is the price of the thing you want christmas to buy and the quality of the product. It is better to buy low prices of products with the same quality than the branded products to the bargained products in christmas. Its is not in the price of the gift but the willingness of the heart of the giver, that is the best love gift for Christmas.

3. What? Think of the gift you want to give in christmas. I suggest you to make a original hand made gifts for your love one in christmas. The original made gifts is more valuable than the bought christmas gifts. I'm sure that the christmas gift you are going to give is appreciated. But its okay to give them a expensive that you think that they will make happy in that christmas holiday. Think of thing that you know that can be helpful to you love one in christmas. This idea can give a move what to buy and what to shop in christmas.

4. How? The first thing you must to do is to ask now your love ones to what they want to receive in the Christmas day.

This are some tips can help you out in your christmas shopping days. Thanks...

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Captivating Capiz

“Seafood Capital of the Philippines”

is a province of the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region. Its capital is Roxas City and is located at the northeastern portion of Panay Island, bordering Aklan and Antique to the west, and Iloilo to the south of Capiz.

Capiz faces the Sibuyan Sea to the north. Capiz is known for its mother-of-pearl shells that have the same name and are used for decoration, making lampshades, trays, window doors, etc.. Capiz is known for a popular local myth of Aswang, a generic name for ghouls, monsters and witches.

Capiz “Seafood Capital of the Philippines”, because of having a one of the highest contributors of aquamarine industry of the Philippines and swampy beside the sea the fishermen in the area can easily make it into pond for culturing fishes.

In Capiz Farming and fishing are the primary sources of income of the people. The combined natural bounty of land and sea are enough to sustain a vibrant food industry of Capiz. Its primary agricultural raw products in the province of Capiz are rice, corn, coconut, sugarcane, banana and cut flower. Apart from a surplus of agricultural products it generates every year, Capiz is also one of the country’s major suppliers of prawn and milk fish. Other agro-industrial harvests include blue marlin, squid, oysters, shrimp, seaweed, squid and angel wings near the sea of the province of Capiz. The rich fishing grounds attract investors to venture into prawn culture, prawn feed manufacture, seaweed farming and the distribution and processing of other marine products. It has a strong workforce of 445,246 with a literacy rate of 90.5% The agricultural sector makes the province of Capiz one of the wealthiest in the Western Visayas Region although corruption has a high tendency to halt progress.

Captivating Capiz will be great for captivating the town in this province showing the humongous beauty. Let us captivate a new way tell to the world that captivating Capiz will on the top of the world. The tips of making captivated is by searching the greatness and the unseen beautiful places of Capiz. Showing this makes a great difference to captivate the province of Capiz.

Captivating Capiz: Geography

The Province of Capiz occupies a land area of 2,633 square kilometers, representing 21% of the total land area of Panay. It is composed of 16 municipalities and a city with a total of 472 barangays.

Captivating Capiz: Political Subdivisions

The province is composed of 16 municipalities comprising 473 barangays. It is divided into two political districts: 1st District covers the municipalities of Maayon, Panay, Panitan, Pilar, Pontevedra, Pres. Roxas, and Roxas City; while the 2nd District covers the municipalities of Cuartero, Dao, Dumalag, Dumarao, Ivisan, Jamindan, Sapi-an, Mambusao, Sigma, and Tapaz.

Captivating Capiz: Population

As of the year 2000 survey, Capiz has a population of 654,156.

Captivating Capiz: Language

Hiligaynon is the dominant dialect spoken in the province.

Captivating Capiz: Climate

The province has a 3rd type of climate, seasonal changes are not pronounced. Relatively dry from November to April and wet from May to October.

Captivating Capiz: Industries

The even distribution of rainfall throughout the year and the infrequent occurrence of typhoons make the province highly suitable for agriculture, aquaculture, and other related activities – which explains why these are major industries of the province.

Captivating Capiz: Farms for orchids, various ornamental plants, and different varieties of heliconia supply a thriving cut-flower business that is carving a market niche in Southern Philippine provinces. The land has also proven to be good grazing ground for cattle and for raising swine, goats, and poultry. Its long coastal areas abound with “kapis” shells, which are used in the manufacture of exportable novelty items. Numerous home and cottage industries amply augment household incomes, among which are poultry, livestock raising, handicraft, shell-craft, ceramics, lime processing, garments, farm-tool fabrication, furniture and boat making.


Captivating Capiz: Baybay Beach (Roxas City)

Three kilometers from the city proper, this clean black sand beach has beach houses, motorboats for boating and fishing. Also a good place for water skiing.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz:
Olutayan Island

30 minute pumpboat ride from Banica Terminal, Roxas City. The waters are crystal clear. Thirty feet below, multi-colored fishes cavort in flashes of blue, yellow, and red colors sliding through colorful seaweeds. The island’s beach is carpeted with tiny crushed shells called cascaho.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz: Quipot Cave (Bgy. Burias Mambusao)

30 minute ride over rough roads, it is about 3 km. from the Mambusao Agricultural and Technical College or around 9 km. from the town proper. Wild birds, deer, and wild ducks abound in the place. Near the cave is a stream. The cave consists of many chambers, each at a level different from other chambers. In certain sections, one has to crawl because the space between the roof and cave floor is just two or three feet. There are also sections that seem like a dead end, except for small openings through which only one person can crawl. These holes lead to a chamber as big as a hotel ballroom, which is why it is dubbed as the “Quipot Hilton”. There are plenty of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is cool inside.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz: Napti Island (Pan-ay)

About three to four hectares big, located near Olutayan Island; has white sand, small cave, and abundant shells for necklaces. The beach is inviting. The water is cool and clear and free of troublesome jellyfish the whole year round. A small cave, about 100 meters long, winds several feet below the surface across the island. It commands a breathtaking view of Roxas City and Pan-ay. Fishing enthusiasts and gourmets have a wonderful time here because of the plentiful fish and lobster.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz:
Buntod Beach (Pan-ay)

About a kilometer long and is located far from the inhabited section of Pan-ay; one of the cleanest beaches in Capiz; has fine black sand with a beach free of jellyfish all year round; and its water is cool and clear. It is approximately 10 minutes by jeepney, car, and tricycle from the town. It is also accessible by speedboat or pumpboat from any point of Capiz.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz: Pilar Cave (Pilar)

One and a half km. from the poblacion by jeepney, tricyle, and car over rough roads. About two years ago, townspeople discovered earthen pots with intricately incised designs. The caves must have been burial sites of pre-Spanish Filipinos. The Balisong Cave where the Capiz revolucionarios routed Spanish soldiers is also found hereabouts. The side of the mountain where the caves are is a spectacular sight. It is grayish-black rock rising 200 ft. to the sky. Plants, orchids among them, hang from the cliffs, blooming in the summer and filling the air with exotic frangrances.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz: Casanayan (Pilar)

A fishing village wherein patis and ginamos are made; vast fields of sugar cane, rice, and corn on the 3 km. road from the highway to this place. It has a beautiful 3 km. stretch of fine gray sand beach fringed with palm trees that neatly line the village as a haven for those who seek refuge from the city hassles. Casanayan is a barrio gifted with a bizarre phenomenon - a woman’s dead body that refuses to decay. Maria Basanes died at the age of 47 from a heart attack way back in 1829. When her body was exhumed ten years after her death, it was found intact and well-preserved, which was surprising because her embalming was supposedly good for only 3 days. Now, the dead body, brownish-black and light and hard as wood, stands inside a small hand-me-down. Her forehead has a portion where its skin was peeled off surreptitiously by men who believed it could be a lucky charm in fishing.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz:
Tucad Reef (Pilar)

It is 10 km. from the Pilar shoreline; this is a submarine islet of seashells and corals topped with thin layers of sand. When the tide is low the whole island emerges, and with it, shells and corals of different colors - green, red, blue, pink, clear water. From this marine garden, the mountains of Masbate can be seen. Tucad Reef is accessible by a pumpboat or on foot during low tides.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz: Suhot Cave (Dumalag)

Situated in Dumalag, Capiz and only 300 meters away from the provincial road. It is actually a series of interconnected caverns of different sizes. At the cave’s arched entrance is a pool of clear, ice-cold water fed by a rock spring from within the cave. Further on, however, is a crack in the rocks where sulfurous water comes out. Suhot is believed to have a connecting tunnel to the Badiang Cave in Dumarao since both caves are found in the same mountain only 6 km. apart from each other, although Badiang is on a higher elevation. On the other hand, entrance to Badiang is hidden by dense jungle. In pre-war days, phosphate was said to have been extracted from the cave but it was a short-lived effort.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz: Igang Cave (Maayon)

A limestone cave found in Tapulang, Maayon, around 7 km. away from the poblacion or a 15 minute ride by car or jeepney. It has several entrances at different levels which lead to a central chamber and fan out again to different passages. Big star-like structures connect upper portions to the central chamber, which is well lighted and well ventilated. A gradually sloping passage, 7 feet wide and a foot high, takes one to the lower chamber, which unlike the upper and central chambers is dark. The floor here is covered with guano which townspeople use as fertilizer. The cave has stalactities and stalagmites.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz:
The Coves of Ivisan (Brgy. Basiao & Brgy. Balaring)

10 km. or 30 minutes by jeepney, car or tricycle over rough roads from the town proper. These two barangays have cornered the white sand beach coves in the whole Capiz. In Basiao are the following coves: Marangcalan, Dinogmaan, Patyo, and Basiao.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz:
Suhoton Caves

Located in Jamindan, it has several multi-layered chambers in its vast interior. Inside one chamber is an altar-like formation surrounded by stalagmites that seem like giant images in silent repose. Some chambers are as big as hotel ballrooms or cathedrals.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz: Mantalinga Island

Nearby Mantalinga Island, which is a kilometer away from the shoreline of Baybay beach, has been identified by the Department of Tourism as an ideal spot for scuba divers and a perfect rotunda for sailboat (dilayag) and kayaking contests. Recently named “Good Luck Island” by DOT consultants, the place is believed by the local fisherfolk as source of luck when names of their fishboats are written on the side of the island before it goes fishing for the first time.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz:
Pan-ay Church

This awe-inspiring church is a monument to past Spanish grandeur in Pan-ay town. Almost a small fortress, it is about 250 ft. long and 80 ft. wide with 9-ft. thick walls of coral blocks. The floor is colored marble that shines in subdued tone in misty light. The central altar is an elaborately sculptured retablo of silver and hardwood in florid Baroque style. The lateral altars have intricately carved tiers of niches for images of saints. Sta. Monica is the patron saint. The church’s five story belfry shelters a huge antique bell surrounded by 8 smaller bells. Shrouded with many enchanting tales, the huge bell holds more fascinating truth. It was cast from 76 sacks of coins believed to have been contributed by the citizens of the town. Its mammoth size holds a staggering record. It is seven feet in diameter and weighs 10.4 tons. In fact, it is estimated to be the largest in Southeast Asia.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz:
Dumalag Church

It is 200 feet long and 50 feet wide. The walls are 3 feet thick and made of yellow sandstone. It has two doors at its side and one main doorway in front. There are six arched windows at each side with columns between them reaching to the roof. There are also small buttresses at the sides. The facade is decorated with small columns. At the front left side of the church is the 5-story belfry housing 5 bells of different sizes, all made in 1881. The church’s interior is shaped like a cross. The church was finished in 1872 when Fr. Andel Abasolo was parish priest of the town.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz: Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Cathedral

One of the oldest in Panay Island, the church is a silent witness to events that have unfolded in the city over the past centuries. Its imposing view is being complimented by its location which is beside the city plaza fronting the Panay River and the old Capiz (now Roxas City bridge). Fiesta lights add glitter to the church.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz:
Mussel Farm (Sapian)

Ten kilometers north of the town’s commercial hub, out in the sea, this mussel farm patiently lies like a silent picture of a thousand bamboo stilts arrayed 6 feet apart into the briny water. However, each bamboo pole stuck through the sea floor 6 to 7 feet deep yields hundreds of fat dark green mussels neatly arranged like dark distended leaves sprouting heavily on top of each other. One gets to this sea farm by means of pump boats, dugouts or rafts from Sitio Angkin.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz:
Sinadya sa Halaran

One of Roxas City’s most important annual events is the Sinadya sa Halaran festival. A fusion of two festivals – “Sinadya” (City) and “Halaran” (Province) which literally means joy in sharing and thanksgiving. It is celebrated on December 4-8 to commemorate the religious activities that embody the true CapiceƱo spirit. The highlights of the celebration are the Dancing Parade, ”Higantes”, Fluvial Parade, Fireworks display, Mutya sa Halaran beauty pageant, Coronation of the Fiesta Queen, and Agri-Aqua Trade Fair.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz:
Balintawakan Festival Pontevedra.

Balintawakan is a simple gathering, mostly of senior citizens of Pontevedra, Capiz who are sentimentally bound together to an unwritten commitment to preserve a simple tradition which began long ago and was only interrupted by WWII. Every December 31 people hold a Binayle at the town’s public market. Its highlight is the search for Miss Balintawakan as the Festival Queen. The event is capped by a Rigodon de Honor. The Filipino costume called Balintawak is the official attire of the womenfolk participating in the affair.
Captivating Capiz

Captivating Capiz:
Birthplace of Manuel Roxas (Roxas City)

Located in the city proper; a two-storey hardwood and stone house of First Philippine President Manuel Roxas, now a historical shrine.
Captivating Capiz

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