Eid'l Fitr of Muslims

Edi'l Fitr, This is a special holiday for the Muslims and this is like Christmas of the Christians. Muslims are very thankful because this day was a giving day for them to share of what blessing that they have received in the whole year.

This day was very important for them to reunite their family and friends. Like Christians and other religious groups they have their day for reunion, celebrating, festival of their own culture and other holiday for them.

They also prepare foods in their own and share it to other, as the last day feast day. This day is the day for them to help other and gives some gift to other Muslims, this they is the most special day of the year.

Melamine Contaminated Scandal Reminders

Melamine Contaminated Milk Products
Melamine, a chemical used in a number of commercial and industrial applications, is unsafe for human consumption. Melamine is not approved or permitted in food in Canada.

* Consumption of melamine may lead to reproductive damage, bladder or kidney stones, bladder cancer, acute kidney failure and death.

* The effects of melamine are directly related to consumption of products containing the chemical and cannot be spread between people. Currently melamine has been found in infant formula and has been possibly linked to other dairy products made in China.

Recommendations for travelers

Until further information is provided by the Chinese government, we recommend that you:

* do not use infant formula made in China
* avoid consuming milk products (e.g. yogurt, ice cream, custards) made in China or products with milk-derived ingredients made in China. Milk-derived ingredients include whole milk powder, non-fat milk powder, whey powder, lactose powder, and casein.

Monitor your health
If your child has consumed any infant formula made in China, the risk of ill effects is low. However, if you have concerns or your child has any unusual symptoms, consult your health care provider.

1. Inform your health care provider of your symptoms
2. Tell him/her, without being asked, where you have been and what, if any, treatment or medical care you have received while traveling (e.g., blood transfusions, injections, dental care, and surgery)

Don’t Forget ...
1. Consult a health care provider or visit a travel health clinic
* An appointment at least 6 weeks prior to international travel is idea
2. Learn what you can do to stay healthy when travelling
3. Know what vaccines to get and when to get them

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