Early Age Can Help in Blood Donating

Generally, a blood donor must be at least 17 years old, be healthy, and weigh over 110 pounds. According to my research, a unit of blood is 1 pint (450 milliliters) and is mixed with chemicals (CPD) to prevent clotting.

Prior to donating blood in early age, the donor with at age 17 is given an information pamphlet to read. A health history of being teen is taken to ensure that the donor has not been exposed to diseases that can be transmitted by blood, and to determine if donating blood is safe for that person's own health. The donor’s temperature, pulse, blood pressure and weight are obtained. A few drops of blood are obtained to make sure the donor is not anemic. It usually takes less than 10 minutes for the blood to be removed once the needle has been placed. Sterile, single-use equipment is used so there is no danger of infection to the donor. Donors should drink extra fluids and avoid exercise that day. Blood can be donated every eight weeks.

Even at early age we can help a lot of people around us. Just imagine somebody wants you to help and somebody needs you too. We young people, blood is precious and important to us that can save lives in time of accident and unusual phenomenon especially in our country that is always prone to storms and bad weather.

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