How to create blog good title tag

Guidelines for selecting good Title tag

* Each page in the website must have unique title tag
* Each title tag must contain the main keywords which are relevant for that page.

E.g. if the page is about Social Media Optimization then title tag must contain Social Media Optimization keyword in it.

* If there are more than one keywords for a page then most important keywords can be included in the title tag.
* The overall length of title tag should not exceed 120 characters as Google ignores any character after that. Theoretically you can have more characters in it but Google and other browsers will ignore them.
* The home page of a website should contain the main categories or important keywords for the whole of website.
* For the sub pages the main keywords should be on the beginning and main website name should be in the last
* Any word in title tag shall not be repeated more than 2 times. You can combine 2 words to have different combinations.
* Since the title tag contains main keywords for that page, make sure that these keywords are included in the Metatag keywords and also in the contents of that page.
* If title words are not included in the metatag keywords and in content then better remove them. As it might be considered as spam since the title tag conveys the main content of that page.
* Don’t use stop words such as followings. The list of stop word is huge. Stop words are ignored by search engines. No need to remember what are the stop words, just focus yourself on main keywords and you don’t have to worry about stop words.

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